Canyon Lands


After our day in Arches National Park, we headed over to the Canyon Lands National Park. We were surprised by how different this park was than Arches since they are so close. That has been something that has been interesting about all the parks we’ve visited in Utah, just how varied they have been.


In all honesty though, this was my least favorite of all the National Parks we’ve been to. The canyon was cool and really visually stunning. But I kind of felt like there were only so many different views of it. So we only stayed for a few hours, good thing it was free entrance into the parks weekend.



And that was that. Two more to go!






When we found out that we were moving to Utah, one of the things Breck really wanted to do was visit all of the National Parks in the state. Did you know there are five? I had no idea and I’ve lived here before! We checked #2 off our list during our trip to Moab on Breck’s spring break.




Arches was quite a bit different than I had expected it to be. I thought we would drive in and all the arches would be laid out in front of us. But I was surprised at how big the park was, it just went on and on.


I did something I never would have thought I would do: I suggested that we do a hike on the “moderately strenuous” list. Whoever would have thought? Not me, that’s for sure. But I thought if we were going to see anything, we definitely needed to see the Delicate Arch. The hike really wasn’t that bad but there were a few spots that were difficult.


This was the ridge you have to walk across to get to the arch. Looking at it now and I’m laughing at myself because I was TERRIFIED. Like I told Breck I wouldn’t go and only did when he continually told me how many old ladies he had seen walk out there. My heart was pounding the whole time and I kept thinking about how I could fall at any minute. Being a scaredy cat is the worst sometimes. Good thing I have Breck to force me into things.


This was the highlight of our trip I think. It was a really neat thing to see and I’m really happy we went. We did a few other hikes throughout the park for the rest of the day. The next morning we came back and went through the visitors center and a few more hikes. The weather was amazing and I loved getting Breck all to ourselves.







I have always wanted to be a mom. I don’t remember ever thinking I wouldn’t have kids in one way or another. It was just what I was going to do.

So, I thought a lot about what being a mother would be like. I thought about the carpools. I thought about the endless sporting events I would go to. I thought about making cookies for after school snacks. I thought about reading books. I thought about helping with homework.

What I didn’t think about was how being a mother would change me.

I didn’t think about how much pressure and responsibility I would feel. I didn’t think about how I would be almost constantly worrying. I didn’t think about how frustrating it would be at times.

Motherhood is very different than I had always pictured. I’m not to the carpools and the activities and the homework. My day-to-day is not overly busy with kid things. I spend a lot of time naming objects and saying the same thing over and over (“Yeah, you have shoes on. Yeah, Mom has shoes on too.”). But, my goodness, motherhood has so much more to it than I had ever thought about.

Before Lillavie I think I was floating through life a little bit. I was moving forward and had goals, but there wasn’t a lot of urgency in me. Now, I see the type of person I want her (and the others) to be and I know I can’t push her towards that if I’m not pushing myself towards that either.

I live with intention now. And that is what motherhood is to me; Working to become the person I want my kids to be. I want them to be good, loving, kind people so I better get to it and be a small example of it.

The pressure is real. But so is the motivation.

I’m so glad I could be a mother to push me to be the person I should be.



Lillavie’s birthday has come and gone (over a month ago). She had no idea and could not have cared less about this big milestone in her life. But you know I did! We threw the girl a little party and seriously have the best friends ever. I was worried no one would show up and it would just be Breck and I, but our house was full and so was my heart (is that too cheesy?)


Like I said, she was not really “in” to the whole party thing. But are you kidding me with that hat??? Never gets old.



Forced smile anyone?


The flame was just irresistible to those little fingers, she’s a quick one.


For a kid who loves sugar, she was awfully unsure about that cake. Also, emoji cry laugh at our pitiful attempt at a smash cake? Not my finest domestic moment but it got the job done.









And obviously, my favorite part of the whole thing was this Lillavie party banner that I made. I have made quite a few things that I have loved but this by far takes the cake. It was hilarious! Going through all of the pictures to find the craziest faces was so fun too, I didn’t even recognize that little tiny baby.

I know Lillavie doesn’t and won’t remember this party. But I hope when she looks back at the pictures she will know how much we love her and how excited we are that we got this year with her. It has genuinely been so much fun to watch her become the little person that she is right now. I also hope she knows that we started embarrassing her from day one with our silly antics, like sparkly party hats.


New Years resolutions are a funny thing. This is probably one of my favorite holidays/traditions, there is just something about getting yourself organized and geared up for what is ahead. It’s energizing and exciting, the possibilities are endless!!

Well.. New Years rolled around, I had not decided on my exact goals for the year. Oh, and we were holed up in our house laying on the couch trying not to die from the cold we picked up traveling. So I put off New Years for a few days, the first Monday of the year seemed sufficient enough to start the year off right.

Then my cold lingered and I didn’t sleep Sunday night. So Monday did not look as good. And Tuesday was a similar story… all the way through the week. This cold, man, it’s a dousy.

Here we are 11 days into the new year and I think I’m going to start my resolutions.. How’s that for commitment??

My resolutions this year are pretty basic and just some small things I want to be better at. MOST IMPORTANTLY though, I want to finish everything on my 24 Before 25 list. Since I am officially (tomorrow) six months into my 24th year, let’s check in to see how I am doing.

1. Do 100 push-ups (at one time… ahhh): I did 20 in a row one time..

2. Organize scrapbook process: I’m working on it and really excited about it! Now just to get caught up..

3. Stay on top of student loans

4. Be more social

5. FINISH!! (I have the longest list of projects I have started/bought supplies for or imagined in my head. This is my word for the year.): Doing pretty good with this one but my list keeps growing..

6. Make that darn quilt: I pinterested quilt ideas/tutorials for an hour and a half Friday…

7. Complete 6 sewing projects: One worthy of counting and another that was almost too easy to count.

8. Hike 5 new trails: 2 out of 5

9. Watch all 7 Fast and Furious movies: 4 out of 7 (some have been more painful than others)

10. Floss more: Everyday this year!

11. Visit Vegas: We stopped at the Bass Pro Shop on our way back from California, does that count?

12. Get family pictures taken: We had my sister-in-law take our pictures over Christmas and I am OBSESSED. I’ll blog them later.

13. Read entire Ensign every month: So far so good!

14. Start a gratitude line journal

15. Make one little space that I absolutely love: I love my little command center. And I made curtains and hung a gallery wall in our living room recently, it turned out exactly how I wanted it. 

16. Try 6 new cookie recipes: Two winners

17. Be present with Lillavie: I’m working on it and I think I’m getting better!

18. Do 1 act of service a month

19. Really follow a budget: One month I did really good, it helped me see where my system was lacking so we are making some adjustments that I think will help me do better.

20. Show my appreciation more

21. Read the Book of Mormon: Breck and I just started Book of Mormon 365, so I’m starting over but this book is the best.

22. Make a stockpile of cards: My Mom is the best and totally saved me!

23. Do a project with Breck: We re-did our table (check that project off our list from YEARS ago) and are building a bookshelf!

24. Read 3 biographies


This year has already been more successful than any other year I’ve had a list! I knew this year was going to be a great one for me, I’m still so excited about it all!! And here’s a cute Lillavie’s picture for ya!



This month has brought so much more sass out of Lillavie. I’ve said she was sassy before but I didn’t even know then.



::She has re-learned that if she’s loud she gets more attention. I think she really thinks it will get her exactly what she wants… she’s learning that isn’t necessarily the case..

::This especially comes to play when she is trying to get something that she can’t reach. That girls is on her tippy toes a lot these days.

::Her vocabulary is growing all the time. It now includes; hi, mom, dad, no, yeah, don’t, stop. She really is a little parrot already. My favorite is when she says hi because she copies my inflections perfectly. It’s hilarious.


::She’s started sticking her bottom lip out all the time. It’s so weird. I need to get a picture of it so I can remember it.

::I am learning not to over-do it on making her do her “tricks”. She won’t wave anymore because I made her do it to so many people. Sad face. But she tells you want a dog says now and it is the cutest thing ever. How am I supposed to not make her do it 24/7?????

::There is literally never a moment where she is not moving. Even when she’s sleeping. It is seriously insane.


::She’s really into sharing lately. And by sharing, I mean that she likes to give you whatever she’s playing with but wants it back a few seconds later. But it’s a good start, right?


And now it’s time to start planning a birthday party for my girl. What the what?!?

I just want to remember…

On this week’s addition of things I want to remember about Lillavie: Riding in a cart!


In the old Bjorn wearing days, Lillavie would reach out as far as she could to help me push the cart. If I needed to walk away to get something off the shelves, I would have to break her death grip on that handle.


Then she got big enough to sit in the seat and took those relaxing strolls very seriously. We especially loved the carts at Target with their large seats, just another reason to be obsessed with that place!


And then the smart cookie figured out that even if mom tightened the straps as far as possible she could still turn around. Perks of being petite I guess. This is how we ride all day erryday.

1509 1510

Unless there is a chocolate pudding sample involved. Then she will stay facing the right way. No questions asked.


Or if she’s fake laughing at me eating up her cute little bear ears.

1770 1796

But then she’s right back at it, waving at everyone and enjoying the view.


But Target wins our hearts again with enough room to stand and lead the cart. My cute little shopper.